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Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit
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Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit

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Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit

The Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit is an effective way to enhance you existing solar panel efficiency. Through normal wear-and-tear, your solar panel wire may become damaged. Wires can be damaged while removing the canopy of your boat lift or through the hassles of moving your boat lift in and out of the water each season. Furthermore the wire may become old or compromised through other mishaps. Regardless of the scenario, we have you covered with a Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit.

Key Features & Benefits

Red & Black Color Coded Wire & Inline Diode

18 AWG Wire Tinned Marine Grade Wire

Solar Panel Fork Terminal Connectors

Solar Panel Side Quick Connect-Connector

8 Meter Wire

Battery & Solar Side Quick Connect-Connector

3/8" Battery Ring Terminals

Easy Installation

Works with Lake Lifter's J-Arm Tubing

Quick Connector System

The Double quick-connect system with new in-line diode will help prevent those mishaps in the future with easy connection and disconnecting at the beginning and ending of each season. The 8-meters of color coded Red & Black wire will allow you to mount your solar panel on any side of your boat lift and still reach the battery. The Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit's color-coded battery ring terminals with heat shrink tubing add peace of mind you'll make the right connection!

Solar Panel Wire Replacement Kit Includes:

25' of Replacement Wire

Instructions & Wiring Diagrams

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