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12v Solar Charge Regulator
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12v Solar Charge Regulator

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Solar Charge Regulator for 12v Battery Systems

Lake Lifter's Solar Charge Regulator is revolutionary. This innovative regulator includes a charge status indicator LED and IBMS Technology – (Intelligent Battery Management System). This is NOT your standard regulator, rather, an advanced micro-processor is programmed to intelligently monitor the battery condition up to 100%, unlike standard regulators at 55-60%. This feature results in a FULL charge and conditioning of the battery.

A user-convenient green LED shows the charge status to let you know the regulator is working and the State Of Charge (SOC) on the battery. This industrial-grade charge regulator is suitable for all practical PV applications. The rugged aluminum housing and epoxy encapsulated electronics make this unit durable and waterproof. Quick 2-pin connector­s fit Lake Lifter Solar Panels for fast and reliable connections and 3/8" ring terminals are equipped on the battery connector for quick installation. This model Solar Charge Regulator works will all of Lake Lifter's 12v colar panels or solar panels up to 60 watts.

Solar Charge Regulator Key Features & Benefits:

Rugged IP 68+

Micro Processor

Max Input = 3 Amp

Reverse Solar Polarity Protection

Lightning Protection

IBMS Technology

Max Solar Watt = 40 Amp

Overcharge Protection

Charge Status LED

12v Battery Charging

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