About Us

LAKE LIFTER is a registered DBA of LAKE LITE INC. https://www.lakelite.com


105 West Simon St.

Laotto, IN 46763

LAKE LIFTER is the boat lift motor industry's fastest growing and innovative business offering quality 24v DC boat lift motor systems for air displacement boat lifts, flat plate, C-Face and Gear plate boat lift systems.   Lake Lifter motors are 24v DC powered that eliminates electric shock hazard, offer faster lifting times, are powered by 24v DC batteries, are more powerful than electric motors and are safe and easy to install when replace existing electric motors.   All motor systems include solar panel, mounting hardware, fiberglass battery box, motor, controller and accessories needed to convert to safe DC power.  

Motors and solar systems at Lake Lifter are designed and engineered at our Indiana world headquarters that allow us to extensively test and offer the most durable and quality products available.   It’s the goal and mission of Lake Lifter to manufacture quality boat lift motors that exceed the expectations of our customers.

All motors are guaranteed with a one year warranty and customer service is ready to respond to questions 7-days per week.   DC Powered boat lift motor systems are synonymous with safety and this is why Lake Lifter products are designed with quality and durability.   At Lake Lifter, it’s our goal to provide DC powered boat lift motor systems that offer safety and convenience to enhance the boating and lifestyle experience.  

If you have any questions contact us at: [email protected] or give us a call at: (888) 998-3543